"If you took all of rock'n'roll culture, music, music papers, posters, comics, cans of beer and put them in a very large microwave oven then that's the first album by Asylums" - Steve Lamacq

3rd August 2014 a video is uploaded to YouTube that lasts just over 1 minute and 28 seconds .. it features sock puppets “performing” in a room of chaos. The music they are performing is described as “nostalgia pollution” by the band themselves.

In the following two years the band will have been compared to everyone from "Blur if they were raised in Seattle " to " the excitement you felt when you first heard Buzzcocks or Manics ". 

Since 2014 the band have released 7 singles, each one more critically acclaimed than the last. Each one dealing with a different subject matter… and here is where Asylums stand out. 

Yes they are fun, yes the videos are all directed with tongue firmly in cheek, yes the lead singer would win any Sideshow Bob lookalike contest, yes the guitarist is not only the most unlikeliest sex symbol but also one of the most eye catching performers ever and yes the rhythm section are the mother of all ballistic forces but in amongst all that, Asylums have a social conscience as big as any food bank.